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Kenner Mayor Walks Back Nike Ban Amid Public Pressure

Kenner mayor Ben Zahn has rescinded his controversial ban on Nike products, following a public outcry and advice from city attorneys.

Zahn said in a press conference on Wednesday that he was walking back the ban on Nike products that he instituted following the shoe brand’s decision to use Colin Kaepernick as a spokesman. He said he was overturning that initial decision because “it divided our city.”

According to WDSU, Zahn spoke of his commitment to honoring first-responders and members of the military, but added that “his focus needs to be on the city of Kenner.”

The mayor faced pressure from public rallies, local elected officials and national media outlets after his decision sparked outrage over the weekend. Initially, he doubled down on his statements, releasing another statement saying he was committed to keeping Kenner Nike-free.

“When a company uses its advertising as its own political megaphone, government should be fair to all of its people and not allow taxpayer dollars to be used to help that company push its own political agenda,” he said earlier this week. “My decision is only to protect taxpayer dollars from being used in a political campaign.”

However, after listening to some city attorneys, Zahn sang a different tune.

Now that this all over, we can move on to what’s really important: talking about how dope these NOLA-centric Nike SB Dunks are.